Imagine yourself having a really important conversation on Skype that you are not able to capture or save and revisit later. This has been the downside of Skype since its inception in the market making many of the users find solace in screen recorders. However, screen recorders have not been able to provide that ideal way of doing this making them unreliable.

Luckily, there has been the development of tools that can record calls on Mac with much deeper functionality and integration with Skype more than any kind of programs out there, if you are an iOS enthusiast, you are in the right place to get acquainted with various go-to solutions from which you can pick your preferred Skype recorder for Mac. This cornucopia of top programs has been carefully selected for you and goes a long way to rid you of the hassle of searching for the best options in the market. Without further ado, here are the tools you can run to when you need to record Skype meetings or calls on Mac.

Rogue Amoeba Piezo

Unlike other programs out there that function to record Skype for Mac, Piezo has been considered to be very charmingly simple to implement. It may not be able to record video calls on iOS but the ability it has to record audio is fully-fledged enough. In fact, at the click of a button, you set yourself to grab audio in the best way possible no matter the number of channels and in so doing make the editing process rich sound-wise.

This good program is able to capture audio from just any app and that means that it is definitely a good choice when you are on a quest for a Skype recorder for Mac. on top of that, it boasts of an overly simple user interface that ensures that you do not get stuck anywhere during the process to record calls on Mac. you can always evaluate the features by grabbing the free download version before you can make up your mind to go for the paid version of this Skype recorder for Mac.


Ecamm Call Recorder

If you are looking to record Skype calls on Mac, this is the best program to go for that promises the ultimate convenience. Actually, you are free to record Skype for Mac no matter the type of call, video, or audio to be specific. Coming with a simple and instinctive user interface, this Skype recorder for Mac has at your disposal an automated mode that requires little to no interaction when you need to record Skype meetings although there are also buttons to start and stop the process manually if that is the mode you would rather prefer to work with.

Better yet, all the recordings that you make will be saved locally on your iOS device in order to provide the ultimate reliability for further actions. You can rest assured that this top Skype recorder for Mac will deliver amazingly high-quality recordings with a choice of multiple modes.


Sky Recorder

No matter your level of expertise, Sky Recorder is overly simple and fun to work with especially when you need to capture audio from Skype. It is one of the best and special programs that will allow customization with themes while at the same time opening you up to recording audio in the highest quality up to 320kbps. What this means is that no one should struggle to make out what has been recorded. On top of that, you are free to tag and geo-tag your recordings while on the go without any restrictions whatsoever.

In case you need to share the recorded file, the process is convenient as this Skype recorder for Mac features some integrated direct sharing capabilities. Actually, at the click of a button, you can share your file in a way that is not complex but satisfactory.


Callnote Pro

When you want to make the best out of the process to record Skype for Mac, this is one of the best go-to solutions you have at your disposal. Both the video and audio calls will be recorded in high quality and at the same have the choice of notifying interlocutors that you are doing the recording. There are two ways you can work with this software, manual or automatic, depending on which one augurs the best with you.

You will not only get a chance to record Skype meetings but also an editor to help you adjust the recorded files to your preference. With this Skype recorder for Mac, you are also opened up to the option of including subtitles in the instance you have to share the final file with a specific target audience that may not understand the language used. Even after you have managed to record Skype for Mac, further actions like sharing are easy to achieve without any hiccups.



Vodburner is one of a kind program that comes in handy when you need to record Skype for Mac without much hassle. Featuring a revolutionized editing console, this is definitely the best Skype recorder for Mac that will sail you towards that comprehensive process to realize a satisfactory video production process from the Skype video calls, you record on iOS. You will not only get to implement this program on Mac only but also the latest iteration of Windows 10.

When you get down to the process to record Skype calls on Mac, you need not worry about the quality since each and every frame is captured at the maximum resolution. On top of that, this program proves to be a very reliable one especially when you consider that it facilitates easy sharing by saving the output files in either MP4 or WMV formats. This Skype recorder for Mac also goes the extra mile to provide you with video editing capabilities


There you have it! A rich list of go-to solutions from which you can pick your preferred Skype recorder for Mac. one thing you can rest assured is that, with any of these programs, you will be able to kick the ball out of the park in a process that is not tedious or time-consuming.