ScreenDeck is an easy to install top shelf for flat screen TV accessories.  ScreenDeck mounts easily to the VESA mount standard screw hole patterns on flat panel televisions. ScreenDeck is great for placement of Video Game Sensors, Small Media Players, Remotes, Webcams, Center Channel Speakers, HD Antennas, Soundbars and other small accessories for your TV.

ScreenDeck comes in 3 sizes:
ScreenDeck - for 30″ to 37″ TVs          MSRP $39.99     Part # ABISCDECK1012
ScreenDeck - for 37″ to 47″ TVs          MSRP $39.99     Part # ABISCDECK1011
ScreenDeck - for 50″ TVs and above    MSRP $59.99     Part # ABISCDECK1013


 50″ TVs & above            -            37″ to 47″ TVs           -            30″ to 37″ TVs

  What does ScreenDeck fit on?
   ScreenDeck for 30″- 37″ TVs & ScreenDeck for 37″- 47″ TVs are compatible with the following VESA hole patterns:
  • 150mm x 150mm   (150mm=5.9″)
  • 200mm x 200mm   (200mm=7.9″)
  • 250mm x 250mm   (250mm=9.9″)
  • 300mm x 300mm   (300mm=11.9″)
  • 350mm x 350mm   (350mm=13.8″)
  • 400mm x 400mm   (400mm=15.8″)
   ScreenDeck for 50″ TVs & above is for flat screen TVs with horizontal VESA patterns from 400mm to 800mm
    ScreenDeck includes all mounting hardware and 2 cable management clips
  • ScreenDeck is for freestanding flat screen TVs & not designed for use with wall mounts
  • Maximum recommended weight on ScreenDeck is 5 lbs
  • Objects much larger than ScreenDeck itself should not be placed on it