1. What TVs can I mount ScreenDeck on?
- ScreenDeck is designed for most 30” to 37” flat screen TVs and 37″ to 47″ flat screen TVs with 150x150mm to 400x400mm VESA standard screw hole patterns.

- Additionally, on flat screen TVs 50″ or over, ScreenDeck will fit on any TV with horizontal VESA holes 400mm to 800mm apart.

2. Can I mount ScreenDeck on a wall-mounted or a stand-mounted TV?
- ScreenDeck is designed for freestanding TVs and is not recommended for use with wall mounts.

3. What is the maximum weight I can put on ScreenDeck?
- Recommended maximum weight is 5 lbs.
- Be sure to keep things on ScreenDeck evenly & properly balanced.

4. How do I know what screws to use on my TV?
- Please consult your TV manual to choose the proper screw size.

-Do not use screws that are longer that your manual recommends and to do not screw screws in too tightly to your TV.

5. Why are there different sizes of screws in the package?
- Different screws (M6 or M8) are included to accommodate different TVs with M6 or M8 sized screw holes. Each TV requires only one set of M6 or M8 screws, not both.

6. Can I put my DVD player or DVR on ScreenDeck?
- It is recommended to only put things on ScreenDeck that are no larger than ScreenDeck and weigh 5 lbs or less.

7. I lost my screws, where can I get more?
- The included screws are standard sizes and can be found at most hardware stores.

8. Where can I buy ScreenDeck?
- ScreenDeck is available at stores and websites nationwide.

9. Where do I get help with problems?
- Please, send us an email at: info@screendeck.tv